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Pat Niehus

Pat Niehus


Hello and welcome to CrossFit Merrifield in Fairfax, Virginia. CrossFit Merrifield's mission is to build a community and provide a progression of fitness training for everyone. Based in Merrifield, Virginia our community of athletes, friends and family includes everyone from the first time CrossFitter, kids, and teens, to the experienced athlete. We make every one of our programs, including CrossFit, accessible to all and provide a Progressive Training Model (PTM) that will accelerate and maintain your physical fitness at any level. CrossFit Merrifield will push you to achieve your goals and test your limits. We celebrate your victories with you and lift you up when you are struggling.  Before you know it you will be doing things you never imagine possible like climbing a rope, stringing together a bunch of muscle ups, and setting new Personal Records with Olympic Lifts. Our Fairfax Virginia, Maryland and DC members and coaches support each other, and together we support the community. Through our shared experiences we will grow together as athletes, individuals, and a community.

We pay attention to our athletes - to their strengths, skills, weakness and individual circumstances. We scale each WOD for each individual. All of our CrossFit classes are a full hour and composed of a Warm Up, Strength/Skill component, the WOD, and a cool down stretch to finish things up.  The staff at CrossFit Merrifield is here to support, train, teach and motivate you during the WODs or any program you are engaged in. Sure, they will cheer you on and inspire you to work hard, but they will also actively cue, correct, and instruct you even during the most heart pounding of workouts or calming yoga class.

Our coaches are trained in human anatomy and physiology and hold a variety of personal training, CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, and other fitness related certifications. We understand human movement and how to safely and effectively train all levels of fitness.  We have several courses in the Progressive Training Model and all of our trainers must complete these courses prior to becoming a coach with us. Please contact us for more info at  if you have any questions on PTM or our coaching qualifications.